In Their Own Words: Our Nurses Share Inspiration, Stories, and Challenges, Part 1

| May 6, 2021 |

In honor of National Nurse’s Week, we sat down with some of our own nurses at 410 Medical. We discussed what inspires them, a favorite nursing memory, and their biggest challenges.

Today we meet Stephanie Blaszczyk, RN, MSN, CNL – LifeFlow Clinical Sales Manager.

What is your background on your nursing career ?

I was a career-changer and came into nursing later in life, thinking I would ultimately go on to NP school.  I worked at a children’s hospital in the Midwest for a little over 3 years in their Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), which is an admission to discharge cardiac unit.  That means we took patients straight from the OR who were in ICU level of care but cared for them until they were discharged from the hospital through every level of step down, from ICU to discharge.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

It was something I always wanted to do, so I went back to school to do it after being in the corporate world for almost 10 years.  I enjoyed the science and challenge behind it as well as the patient and family interactions.

What is one of your favorite nursing memories or patient stories?

I was on a few “teams” when I was working in the CCU and one story particularly stands out.  I was caring for a 16-year-old boy named Logan awaiting his first heart transplant.  Being on his team was one of the experiences I treasure the most from my time there.  He was such a fun patient to care for and we had so much fun even through what was a very serious time.  Whenever I knew I was caring for Logan, I looked forward to what that day would hold.  When he got news that he was getting his transplant, I was working that day but caring for another patient.  His mom called me into his room and Logan told me the news; it was a very emotional moment and his mom snapped this photo and it is one of my most favorite memories from my time there.  His family and all the others I cared for hold a special place in my heart.  I keep in touch with many of my patient’s families and I love to see the progress they are making at home and beyond.

What has been one of your biggest challenges in nursing?

Watching what these families endured was always heart-breaking but inspiring.  Their resiliency and positivity in the midst of such serious issues is the most challenging part.  I took many of the stories and feelings home with me and they certainly made me appreciate how lucky I am to have two healthy children.

What inspired you to change course and become a nursing clinical specialist with LifeFlow?

In the end, the schedule was challenging for me and my family and I had to consider other options.  LifeFlow inspired me because I thought of so many moments in my own nursing career where I wish I would have had a LifeFlow to use.  I love that I get to mix my pre-nursing career and my nursing career into the perfect marriage that is LifeFlow for me.  I still get to be in a hospital and sometimes assist (from afar) with a case.  I also love teaching and I still get to do that now with teaching about LifeFlow and other things like sepsis and the importance of fluid resuscitation.

What do you like most about working with the LifeFlow device?

I believe this device will redefine and change practice in how we look at giving fluids to patients.  We often overlook the benefit of what a truly fast and controlled fluid bolus can do for our patients and I have seen with my own eyes what LifeFlow can do.  It inspires me because I think we will change practice, and someday this will be the standard of care for hypotension, sepsis, cardiac arrest, and a variety of other diagnoses.

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