Earlier. Faster. Controlled.

LifeFlow was born out of the barriers that clinicians often face delivering fluids quickly and efficiently to critically ill patients. Timely fluid resuscitation is key to the effective treatment of severe sepsis and shock, but is an often-neglected component of care due difficulties with vascular access and the slow and inefficient fluid delivery techniques commonly used.

LifeFlow is a hand-operated rapid infusion device that allows health care providers to deliver fluids quickly and efficiently, improving outcomes for critically ill patients.

Why it’s a Breakthrough


Average time to set up and prime LifeFlow is less than 2 minutes, and LifeFlow can deliver 500 ml of fluid in less than 2.5 minutes through a 20G IV catheter.


LifeFlow delivers fluid in 10mL increments with each handle compression. This syringe size allows the user to overcome the resistance of IV catheters. The syringe automatically refills with handle release, allowing the user full control of volume of fluid delivered.


LifeFlow can be operated with one hand, leaving the operator’s other hand free to address other clinical issues, monitor the infusion site, and assess patient response. This is particularly useful in pre-hospital, emergency department, and ICU settings where speed and efficiency are important and personnel resources may be limited.