Speed and control in the palm of your hand.

Current methods of fluid delivery are too slow to quickly restore intravascular volume in patients with severe shock and hypotension. For these patients “time is tissue,” meaning every minute of continued hypotension can result in more organ injury. LifeFlow offers a simple way to restore perfusion with a rapid and controlled fluid bolus.

IV pumps and gravity infusion are not suitable for patients with hypotension or shock. Mechanical rapid infusers are best suited for vascular access. Pressure bags require constant attention and determining volume of fluid delivery is difficult. LifeFlow is the only method that provides rapid, intuitive, and controlled fluid delivery through any type of vascular access.

Compare LifeFlow to Other Delivery Methods

In an emergency or critical care situations, common fluid delivery techniques offer insufficient flow rates and inadequate control. A manual syringe method knows as the push-pull technique (PPT) helps overcome resistance to flow. However, it requires the full attention of one or two providers and may divert attention from other critics patient care issues.

LifeFlow offers frontline clinicians the control of PPT but with easier and faster delivery.