LifeFlow PLUS is a hand-operated rapid infuser that allows clinicians to rapidly deliver blood, blood components, crystalloids or colloid fluids to critically ill patients requiring volume resuscitation.


Next Gen

1. AirCheck

AirCheck makes priming and setup easier and will stop the flow of fluid if air enters the system

2. Clear canopy

Syringe is protected from contact during use

3. Force Reducer

The Force Reducer smooths the pulsatile flow, reducing the amount of effort required by the user

4. Blood Filter

Filters macro-aggregate particulate out of blood and blood products

Up to 4X faster

With LifeFlow PLUS a unit of blood can be delivered 3x faster than with a pressure bag, and a typical user is able to infuse fluids almost 4x faster

Resource optimization

Hand operated with a tactile feel so clinicians can control and monitor flow while doing other tasks


LifeFlow works well with high-resistance vascular access such as smaller gauge peripheral IVs



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