With two new features, LifeFlow is now even faster and easier. Deliver 500ml in less than 2 minutes.1


Next Gen

1. AirCheck

AirCheck makes priming and setup easier and will stop the flow of fluid if air enters the system

2. Clear canopy

Syringe is protected 
from contact during use

3. Force Reducer

The Force Reducer smooths the pulsatile flow, reducing the amount of effort required by the user

Up to 4X faster

A typical trained user is able to infuse fluids with LifeFlow at almost four times the rate of infusion with a pressure bag

Resource optimization

LifeFlow’s one-handed operation frees providers to address other patient care issues simultaneously


LifeFlow can be used with large-bore access and high resistance access including catheters as small as 24 gauge

  1. Average speed using 20G catheter