410 Medical Receives Innovation Award from Triangle Business Journal

Oct 4, 2017 |

– LifeFlow® Rapid Infuser Changing the Standard of Care –

DURHAM, N.C., October 4, 2017 — 410 Medical, Inc., a medical device company focused on developing innovative technologies for fluid resuscitation of critically ill patients, today announced that it is one of 13 companies named in the Triangle Business Journal’s (TBJ) inaugural class of Innovation Award winners. The TBJ defines these winners as companies that use creative problem solving and technology innovation to change the way business is done.

“We are honored to be included in TBJ’s inaugural class of Innovation Award winners, “said Galen Robertson, Chief Operating Officer at 410 Medical. “Our goal was to develop a novel fluid delivery device that enables clinicians to more effectively and efficiently deliver fluids for resuscitation of critically ill patients. LifeFlow is innovative in its design, simplicity and effectiveness. We are very pleased by the positive feedback from users and, more importantly, the positive impact on patient outcomes.”

LifeFlow® is a hand-operated rapid infusion device that allows health care providers to deliver fluids quickly and efficiently, aiming to improve outcomes for patients with sepsis, shock and other critical illnesses. Timely fluid resuscitation is one of the keys to the effective treatment of severe sepsis and shock, but it is an often-neglected component of care due to difficulties with vascular access and the slow and inefficient fluid delivery techniques commonly used.

“Sepsis claims more than 270,000 lives annually in the United States and costs the healthcare system more than $24 billion. The CDC, WHO, and many other organizations are stressing the importance of early and aggressive diagnosis and treatment, and fluids are an essential part of that treatment regimen,” said Dr. Mark Piehl, Inventor, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at 410 Medical. “For years clinicians have understood the importance of fluids in critically ill patients, but we have struggled to provide patients with a sufficient volume of fluids in the shortest possible time. LifeFlow has the potential to change the standard of care.”

About 410 Medical, Inc.

Founded in 2013, 410 Medical is a medical device company dedicated to developing innovative products that enable frontline medical providers to improve care for critically ill patients. 410 Medical’s first product, LifeFlow®, is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of fluid resuscitation, improving care for patients with life-threatening illnesses such as sepsis and shock. LifeFlow was cleared by the FDA for human use in 2016. For more information, visit www.410medical.com.

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